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  • 360 Detergent Scale
  • 360 Detergent Scale
  • 360 Detergent Scale

360 Detergent Scale

Type:360 Detergent Scale
  • Product Description

Type:Detergent                                    Detergent Type:Cleaner

Shape:Powder                                     Feature:Disposable, Eco-Friendly  

Place of Origin: Hebei, China              Brand Name:Sida   

Model Number:200g                            Function: Scale cleaner

Services:OEM                                     Origin: Hebei china supplier

Product Features

  Dissolves water scale from kettle, water dispenser and boilers in hard to reach places;

  Enhances efficiency of water boiler and save energy;

  Ingredients are food-grade and non-toxic so it is safe to use.

The scale is harmful, and the descaling and replacement health

Product features: This product is suitable for wading containers in households, hotels and public,places,humidifiers, kettles, water heaters, water dispensers, etc. It contains funny scale components, has quick descaling, good effect, easy to use, and is harmless to the human body. It has no corrosion to metals and rubber.

Usage: This product can be descaled with ten times of tap water. The water temperature effect is better at around 40 °C. It can be removed by directly soaking heavy scale and hard scale (such as scale) for about 1 hour, cleaning light scale (such as tea scale, Urine scale) directly rinse, wipe, after washing, the remaining liquid can also be poured into the bathroom to eliminate odor.

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