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Research and development story of Banlangen wash free hand lotion

May. 29, 2020

Banlangen wash free hand wash lotion is produced jointly with Handan Co., Ltd. of star biotechnology.The two manufacturers are long-term partners, each bottle has a capacity of 100ml, and the bottle body adopts recyclable environmental protection packaging bottles. 

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A sudden epidemic has disrupted the pace of our lives, increasing the number of infections and deaths every day, and there is a shortage of disinfectant, alcohol and masks. At the most dangerous time of the epidemic, as a detergent factory, we realized our responsibility. Although we were in the center of danger, the whole team still overcame the difficulties and successfully developed a stable formula in less than a month. Due to the urgency of the matter, Banlangen hand wash bottle directly adopts the existing product bottle body of long-term partner star biotechnology.

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The products are distributed to the community departments in the front line of fighting against the epidemic through the local organizations.

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