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Is the Whitening Washing Powder Acidic or Alkaline?

Sep. 08, 2020

Phosphorus has been banned from being used in washing powder in some developed countries, but many chemical plants in my country are still producing this product.

1. Active ingredients:

Active ingredients are the ingredients that play a major role in detergents. The detergent active ingredient is a kind of substance called surfactant. Its function is to weaken the adhesion between stains and clothes. Under the action of washing water flow and mechanical force such as hand rubbing or washing machine agitation, the stains can be separated from the clothes to achieve the purpose of washing clothes.


One, to achieve a good decontamination effect, the washing powder should contain enough active ingredients. In order to ensure the washing effect of washing powder, the national competent authority has set the minimum content of active ingredients in washing powder. According to the type of active agent used and the category of the product, the amount of active ingredient in the washing powder is generally not less than 13%;

2. Because many surfactants have strong foaming ability, consumers can judge the pros and cons of the washing powder from the foaming situation of the washing powder after being dissolved in water based on experience;

3. However, some washing powders specially used for drum washing machines have much worse foaming ability than ordinary washing powders. This is because the drum washing machine mainly relies on the mechanical force generated by the tumbling of the clothes in the drum to achieve the purpose of washing the clothes. Excessive foam in the washing solution will greatly weaken the mechanical force generated by the tumbling of the clothes, which greatly reduces the washing effect.

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Two, washing ingredients

The builder in the hotel washing powder is the most used ingredient, generally accounting for 15%-40% of the total composition. The main function of the builder is to soften the water by restraining the hardness ions contained in the water, thereby protecting the surfactant to maximize its effectiveness. The so-called phosphorus-containing and non-phosphorus detergents actually refer to whether the builders used are phosphorus or non-phosphorus substances.

In fact, many brands of detergents are similar in their main ingredients. The use of various enzyme preparations can greatly enhance the detergent's ability to clean special and difficult-to-wash stains, such as blood stains, sweat stains, food oil stains, vegetable and fruit stains, etc.; bleaching agents can decompose and remove pigment stains; The bleach can ensure that the clothes will not turn gray and yellow after washing for many times.

Three, auxiliary components

Such ingredients generally do not improve the washing ability of laundry detergents, but they play a greater role in the processing of the product and the sensory indicators of the product, such as making the washing powder white in color, uniform in particles, non-caking, and pleasant aroma, etc.

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