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How to Enhance the Washing Effect of Laundry Detergent Powder?

Aug. 28, 2020

Many consumers often complain about such a thing, using the same washing machine, the same laundry detergent, why sometimes the clothes are washed clean, sometimes they are not clean. In fact, maybe the washing method is wrong. If you follow the correct standard laundry washing method, you can not only wash the clothes cleaner, but also increase the washing effect. The apparel cleaner supplier below will tell you how to increase the washing effect of the washing machine.

Methods to enhance the washing effect of laundry detergent powder:

1. The washing powder should be completely dissolved. If the water temperature is too low, it will be difficult for the washing machine to dissolve the washing powder. You can use a small amount of warm water around 30°C to dissolve it. If the clothes are dirty, they can be washed with warm water at 40℃-50℃.

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2. Determine what kind of washing powder to use according to the material of the clothes. It is best to use synthetic detergent, such as low-foam or non-foam detergent. Synthetic washing powders are roughly divided into three types: neutral, weak alkaline and strong alkaline. When washing silk and wool fabrics, it is better to use neutral or weak alkaline; when washing oily cotton and linen fabrics, strong alkaline is the best; when washing clothes with blood stains, oil stains and other stains, you can Use enzyme-added detergent; when washing rusty fabrics, you should use sodium borate detergent.

3. The amount of washing powder should be appropriate. Excessive use of washing powder is wasteful and difficult to rinse clean; too little use will weaken the washing effect.

4. It is best to soak the clothes for a while before starting the machine. Refer to the particularly dirty places, rub them with soap first, and then machine wash.

5. Water washing is a process of physical and chemical reaction, which requires a suitable action time. The action time is related to the structure of the washing fabric, the type of dirt and the degree of contamination. The size and type of the washing machine capacity and the grade of the detergent also have a certain influence on the action time.

In the water level washing process, the corresponding washing water level should be selected in different treatment stages. The level of water not only affects the concentration of the lotion, but also affects the mechanical force.

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