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The Difference between High Foam Washing Powder and Low Foam Washing Powder

Jun. 20, 2020

Anyone can do laundry, but not everyone knows how to choose washing powder. For example, it is common sense that the washing powder used in washing machines is the preferred low-foam washing powder. Why is this? Apparel detergent factory talks about the common sense that people ignore in daily life, the difference between high-foam washing powder and low-foam washing powder.

The so-called high-foam washing powder refers to washing powder mainly based on sodium alkyl sulfonate. Sodium alkyl sulfonate is a chemical substance. The anionic surfactant has a strong hydrophilic sulfonic acid group connected with a hydrocarbon group in the molecular structure. It has strong surface activity and good solubility in low temperature water. Sodium alkane sulfonate has a strong foaming ability, it will generate a lot of foam when washing clothes and is not easy to remove. High-foam washing powder is rich in foam and has strong detergency. It is suitable for washing clothes by hand and can be used for washing cotton and linen.

Washing Powder

In the past, it was believed that the more foam in the washing powder, the better the detergency. Therefore, the manufacturer added a foaming agent (ie, surfactant) to the ingredients of the washing powder. With the development of science, the popularity of washing machines, and the improvement of people's understanding, the disadvantage that it is more difficult to rinse high-foam washing powder during machine washing is becoming more and more prominent. To this end, scientists invented low-foam washing powder.

Low-foam washing powder has better washing effect than high-foam washing powder, and there is little foam. The so-called low-foam washing powder refers to the addition of a certain amount of soap tablets and a non-ionic surfactant called polyether on the basis of general washing powder. When these two substances are mixed with sodium alkylbenzoate, there will be a synergistic effect between the molecules, which makes the ability of wetting, dispersing, solubilizing and so on, which are closely related to the detergency, increased compared to the original single species.

In this way, it not only increases the detergency of washing powder, but also inhibits the foaming ability of sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate. In addition, the synergistic effect will make the film of the foam thinner and eventually break the foam that has been generated. This is why the low-foam washing powder produces a small amount of foam and disappears quickly. It is also the real reason why the low-foam washing powder should be suitable for machine washing.

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