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Handan sida detergent factory has been engaged in household washing products for 20 years since 1996.

Headquartered in handan city, hebei province, the main business livelihood inseparable from the daily chemical products, the product range covers "fabric washing, protection, elimination,

Household cleaning, fresh air, hair care, "more than a dozen varieties, marketing network spread throughout the country's provinces (districts),

Municipalities directly under the central government. With word of mouth trumping advertising, more and more consumers have embraced starr's local brand, which sticks to its conscience.

Under the spur of the horse, sida also established nongzhiwan ecological agriculture co., LTD., which took the double step of daily chemical and agricultural production and extracted directly from the earth.

Use more green ingredients. At the same time, we have created a really green food. Since it is the second time to start a business, I naturally accumulate a lot of knowledge.

It's not just about organic farming, starting with an egg that doesn't use antibiotics, there's nongzhiwan food therapy shop, the institute of traditional Chinese medicine technology,

Anti-aging nursing home, etc., has been strong since its inception, innovating the industry concept, leading the era of technology, such as the existing and the United States synchronous antibiotic-free chicken technology.

With our continuous efforts to innovate, the fortune 500 will have the day when sida detergent factory and nongzhiwan ecological agriculture co., ltd. will direct their supply chains in China.

1611043260 +86 189 3103 8131

+86 189 3103 8131